Scholarship! Scholarship! Scholarship!
Asogs Soccer School presents a 4 days scholarship screening for football players between the ages of 15 - 24.
Screening date is 15th - 19th of January, 2018. Registration is on now and it will close on 12th of January, 2018.
Registration fee is #20,000 only. Registration fee covers feeding, accommodation and a complete jersey. Registered players are to resume in our school hostel on 14th of January, 2018.
This is your chance to join Asogs Soccer School on Scholarship. It means you won’t pay school fee to enjoy all our academic program (soccer + vocational education) and you stand the chance to play in professional club abroad with the school paying 50% of your transfer expenses. Remember Asogs Soccer School is the only soccer school where we prepare you for a great football career, and also equip you with a standard and professional vocational education.
To register online pay your registration fee of #20,000 into this account:
Account Number: 2093008164
After you have paid the registration fee, scan your deposit slip and send it with your mobile number to and also come to the venue with your deposit slip. You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone within 48 hours.
To register in the school, come to the school.
School Address: No 95, Zone 9, Irepodun Street, Owode, Ilesa Road, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigera
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If we get the maximum number of players we are expecting, we will close the registration before 12th of January. Goodluck.
Don’t miss this great opportunity. Call 08118865045 for more details. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of ASOGS.
ASOGS …bringing out the best in you

Asogs Soccer School Hostel

Asogs Soccer School Opens camp for football players between ages 12 - 24.

 Theme: Uncover Thy Light.

 Camp Purpose:

  • To scout for players who want to play professional football in clubs abroad starting from this upcoming January transfer window.
  • Production of promo video for players who need a standard promo video.
  • Education on life after your football career (career after career).


  1. Opportunity to gain admission into Asogs Soccer School.
  2. Players will get a copy of all matches played.
  3. Players will be giving a handout on latest football formations.
  4. Learn new things from our guest.
  5. Each of the players who register for promo video production will get a 10 minutes special promo video which has only their information.
  6. Both trial video and promo video will be uploaded on our YouTube channel for easy access, which will cost the players a lot of money if they want to upload it on their own because of the production quality.
  7. Players stand the chance to be selected by any of the visiting coaches, scouts and agents for the January transfer.

And lots more…


 Venue: Asogs Soccer School Training Pitch, Osogbo-Ilesa Road, Kajola, Osun State.


Trial date: 17th – 21st of December.

Registration fee for trial:

  • #6,000 covers only registration, no accommodation and feeding.
  • #10,000 covers registration, accommodation and feeding.


Promo video production date: 17th – 21st of December.

Registration fee for promo video:

  • #20,000 covers only registration, no accommodation and feeding.
  • #25,000 covers registration, accommodation and feeding.

Register online by downloading the form below or register at the school. Registration closes on 16th of December.


Call: 08067347220 or 07011095610.

Whatsapp only: 08168046781.

School Address: No 95, Zone 9, Irepodun Street, Owode, Ilesa Road, Osogbo, Osun State.


Asogs Soccer School is a registered football academy that also offers vocational education in Nigeria. The soccer school is focused on total development and management of football players; deriving from the reality that the business of sport development cannot be left in the hand of government alone, and in full acknowledgement of the inability of the government to harness the sport talents of the nation. We must not forget that this development comes with responsibilities and integrity.

To answer the question of what the responsibility entails; making of total footballers comes to the mind. That’s why in Asogs Soccer School, we introduce vocational education in our academic curriculum to help our players build a career after career. Discovery has it that very low percentage of African youths aspiring to become professional football players make it big, while lots of them becomes refugee and street boys in foreign countries. But if they have an alternative career they can easily switch without having to become useless or nuisance to the community.

Interestingly, the academic curriculum of the soccer school is holistically designed to cater for the developmental needs of individuals that are slow at learning. In the same vein, the soccer school academic programs will accommodate remedy for those who for the reason of poor academic undertaking are deficient in their credentials. Listed below are the vocational courses we offer in the soccer school.

  •  ICT: Data Processing, Web Technology, Graphics Design and Database Management.
  • MEDIA: Audio & Video Editing, Mastering, Musical Instrument Training, Music Production and Photography.
  • FASHION DESIGN: Production of Sportswear, English Wears, Uniforms and Customization.
  • LANGUAGE: English and French Language.



1. To apply online.

a)  Download the admission form below, print and fill appropriately.

b) After you have filled the form, attach a passport photograph.

c) To submit the form kindly scan the second and third page with the documents listed below in number (4), send it to

d) Pay your admission fee of #7,000 only (not refundable) into the school account.

  • Account Details: ASTRAL OLAPHILS GLOBAL SERVICES, 2093008164, ECOBANK.

2. To apply in the school

a) Complete your admission process in the school.

SCHOOL ADDRESS: No 95, Zone 9, Irepodun Street, Owode, Ilesa Road, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.

Call 08166476059 / 07011095610 / 08168046781.

3. Age limit: 12 to 24 years.

4. All applicants must attach the following documents to their application form.

a) Birth certificate.

b) Medical report.

c) Consent letter from parent (For players under 18 years only).

d) Certificate at any level.

5. Make sure you fill in a mobile number that will always be available or an e-mail that is functioning well, so that you can always receive up to date news.




(1) Full program cost #260,000 plus boarding student without feeding.

(2) Full program cost #225,000 for day students.

(3) Soccer only cost #210,000 plus boarding student without feeding.

(4) Soccer only cost #175,000 for day students.


Players feed on their own.

  • Asogs Soccer School Training Pitch.

  • Training Session

  • Soccer Theory Class.